I committed to teach two scrapbooking classes through Community Ed!  Time to get my ducks in a row and prepare.  Gotta make samples of the mini books the classes will be making.

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If it feels good…

It feels good to get another layout done, even if it has nothing to do with the LOAD challenges for October or the “Me: the Abridged Version” class. I got inspired by one of the last layouts that May Flaum posted for the “Use Your Stash” class and figured I could knock out some more of those taekwondo pictures that have needed to be scrapped (for a number of years!). 

Now I need to get busy cutting the patterned paper for the MetAv class, so I don’t get too far behind.

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Last Chance Layouts

Week 4 of May Flaum’s “Use Your Stash” class is coming to a close. I have been working so much on Cathy Zielske’s “Me: the Abridged Version” that I haven’t completed a layout for May’s class in over a week. But, I managed to get two last layouts done and uploaded. Now I feel better.  I should probably take only one class at a time from now on. 

I’m discovering that it is not all that easy to find photographs for some of my journal entries that I wrote for Cathy’s class. I wasn’t thinking about pictures, just what I could write about for each letter of the alphabet. Thank goodness for the Yahoo image search engine!

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Torn Between Two Classes

Since the Cathy Zielske class started (see blinkie on right), I have been busy, busy writing my journal entries for each letter of the alphabet (and not getting a single thing done for May Flaum’s class).  Just finished a few minutes ago. Here’s a sampling of my entries:

M is for Motorcycle

After enduring a motorcycle accident (as a passenger) at the age of 19, I swore I’d never go near a bike again. For years, I couldn’t even look at a bike without suffering anxiety symptoms. Many years later, my dear husband convinced me that I might like motorcycles better if I ride my own. So I learned to ride and found I enjoy it. Good thing, because Tony is an avid motorcyclist. Now it’s something we share. This year I got my first brand new “big girl” bike; a Suzuki Boulevard CT50. It’s beautiful and rides like a dream. Too bad Minnesota has such a short riding season.

Q is for Quirks

Everyone has quirks. Here are some of mine:

-I have to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher after anyone else has loaded it to make sure we use the space optimally.

-I have to have the toilet paper going over the top of the roll. If someone mounts it the other way, I take the time to turn it around.

-I recycle all plastics, cans and glass. If someone throws one of these items in the trash, I dig it out and put it in with the other recyclables.

W is for White Collar

All my favorite TV shows are on the USA network. The one that tops my list is White Collar. It’s well written, very entertaining and that Matt Bomer is SO handsome!

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Scraplifts & Sketches

Got a couple more pieces done over the last few days. One was a scraplift challenge and the other was the Week 2 Sketch for May Flaum’s “Use Your Stash” class.  That’s two more events for the “trip to France” album completed. I’m still having fun and I’m getting work done. The only thing that would make it better is to be able to stay home from work and do it all day!

So, tomorrow is the first day for Cathy Zielske’s “Defining Me: A to Z” class. I’m excited for it to start and a bit nervous for having two classes going on at the same time. Hope it wasn’t a mistake to sign up for concurrent classes!

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More layouts done!

Got more done this weekend on my France album and my taekwondo album. I am so glad that I am actually getting work done in May’s class!  I think the fact that the White Collar, Burn Notice and Royal Pains seasons are at an end may have something to do with it though…less TV means more scrapbooking.  And, as mentioned on a recent episode of Paperclipping, football is allowing me to steal away to my scraptable too.  Seriously though, May’s got great prompts and seeing all my classmates’ LO’s has been very inspirational.

My one gripe today is that i’m getting blackened areas when trying to scan pages with 3-D embellishments.  😦

Pondering: When can I retire and scrapbook full-time?

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Too busy to blog?

Is it lame to say that I have been too busy to blog? Not if it’s because I’ve been busy scrapbooking! I have been having fun getting work done under the inspiration of May Flaum’s “Use Your Stash” class.  And now that football season has begun in earnest, I won’t have to feel guilty for disappearing into the “office” to go scrap some more! Yay!

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Back on track.

I’ve been working on an anniversary mini-album that I saw featured in a Creating Keepsakes Special Issue. Had 12 years to do and got all but one small piece of journaling done. Worked on a couple of other smaller projects over the summer too. I’ve been neglecting the vacation scrapbooking that has been ongoing for a while. It’s the one scrapbook that I am doing chronologically. I’ve freed myself chronological scrapbooking in all other areas. What a relief as I never would have caught up. Anyway, I returned to the scrapbook that documents our trip to France in 2002. I figured that as long as I’m working on using up my stash I might as well get some work done on that album. Feels good to do both. 

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Day 1 of “Use Your Stash”

It’s day 1 of May Flaum’s class “Use Your Stash” and I was able to get a layout done! I really tried not to overthink it and just play.  It looks better in real life than it does scanned.  I skipped worrying about journaling and just played with the paper and stuff.  We were to pick 3 things to get used and I went with one of the crocheted flowers I’ve been hoarding, some paper lace (laser die-cut) and some scraps.  I tend to be fairly clean and linear, so adding things like the lace was a bit foreign for me.  I’m happy with the way it turned out despite its imperfections and it will be going into my DD’s album.

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May’s class starts tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get started. I have to work late tomorrow, but I’ll check for the first prompt right away in the morning and then ponder it throughout the day. Hopefully, I’ll have something worked out in my head by the time I get home and can sit down and scrap it.

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