Been Scrapping, Just Not Writing

This has become a rather bad habit.  I think i need to get a bit more organized.  When i do have a few moments, i scrap.  That leaves zero time for blogging about it. Was just listening to Peppermint Grandberg talking about the same thing on The Digi Show. I know it’s not uncommon for life to get so busy that things like scrapbooking get left for last.  And i know that i need to start scheduling in both scrapbooking time and time to blog.

So, I am going to reach back and post some of the stuff i have gotten done scrapbook-wise.  And just maybe, i can get caught up to what i’m doing this month. 

I managed to only get a couple of pages done during the week for Your Story Matters. 

I have saved the prompts and plan on finishing at some point in time.  This just isn’t the month to be doing it.  Too much going on scrap-wise in December, but i will speak to that later. 

My mother- and sister-in-law both participated in YSM. Their albums are done!  Interesting how different people can take the same prompts and come out with completely different layouts.  I always enjoy looking at what others have done.  And i try not to compare my work to someone else’s; it’s not a beauty contest, it’s memory keeping.  If I liked a completed layout before i saw what others had done online, i should like it just as much afterward.

Enough waxing philosophic for today.  It’s time to go get some scrapping done!


About tonysfrenchgirl

Weekdays, I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist...the rest of the time I'm scrapbooking, about to scrapbook or just finished scrapbooking.
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