So, it’s back to school (work for me). Call me crazy but I signed up for not one but TWO classes at May Flaum’s “Use Your Stash” and Cathy Zielske’s “Me A to Z: The Abridged Version”. This is the girl that signed up for May’s summer class and got maybe 1 layout done. Maybe the return to routine will help: I did get 31 layouts done for Layout a Day in May. I really am looking forward to using up some of my stash instead of trying to save it for that “perfect” layout and Cathy’s class looks to be just plain fun. We’ll see how much of life actually gets in the way.


About tonysfrenchgirl

Weekdays, I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist...the rest of the time I'm scrapbooking, about to scrapbook or just finished scrapbooking.
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2 Responses to Crazy?

  1. mflaum says:

    You CAN do it!! Join in, set a few goals, make yourself accountable to somebody to help keep you motivated. See you in class!

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