Over a Month!

Some blogger I’ve turned out to be! It’s been well over a month since I’ve entered anything. Last post, I was trying to get something done for Camp Scrap. I never did get anything uploaded, although I did get a couple of pages done. Summer has been busier than I expected and then the unthinkable happened…my DH had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery. Life has certainly been turned upside-down in our household! Instead of blogging, I’ve been writing journal entries at caringbridge.com to keep family and friends up to date on his progress.
As my DH heals, I’m finding more and more time to sit and work on a couple of projects. My big one is an anniversary album inspired by the Creating Keepsakes Special Edition mag Fast & Fresh Scrapbooks. Based on a recent episode of Paperclipping, I’m doing the parts of that album in batches and am loving how much progess I’m making on it. Things have slowed a bit as I’ve run out of page protectors and am waiting for them to arrive in a package of goodies from Scrapbook.com.
I’m trying to get something done during the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Stacy Julian had the cutest little sewing kit project yesterday and I’ve almost finished work on two of them. The goal for the day is to finish them and get them uploaded to the Gallery.


About tonysfrenchgirl

Weekdays, I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist...the rest of the time I'm scrapbooking, about to scrapbook or just finished scrapbooking.
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