Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

It’s early in the day yet and I am sitting here waiting for the Creative Crop at Big Picture Classes to start. They have a full day of activities planned. I may hop over to Scrapbook.com to see what’s happening over there now and then also. I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone and get today’s LOAD challenge accomplished while participating in the day’s activities.

Speaking of LOAD, I am making an effort to actually complete the full month’s worth of challenges. It has been awhile since I have been able to do more than just a small portion of a full month’s LOAD. It’s Day 4 and I have completed only 2 and 3/4 pages, so I have my work cut out for me to catch up today. Here are the two layouts I have managed to complete.

Day 1’s challenge was “self portrait” and Day 2’s was “scrap without a photo”.

Hopefully, I will have more to post later. 🙂

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One Last Layout

I recently finished a two-album project documenting our trip to France in September of 2002. Yes, it took almost 10 years to complete! BUT, I was working on it as I felt lead to do so in between other projects. Anyway, I came across an envelope with three pictures from that trip just the other day. I had set them aside because they were shots of the traditional dresses that are worn in Provence and I had hoped to use them to have one made for me. I decided to scrap the pics which works out well as I had one open spot left in one of the albums. One of the pictures is not that great as I had allowed the camera strap to dangle in front of the lens, but I scrapped it anyway.

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Scrapbooking With The Girls

I was able to spend last Friday evening and all day Saturday scrapbooking with a great group of ladies. We get together once a month at our church to scrap, chat, laugh, and (of course)eat.
I pre-packed several “kits” with pictures, papers and some embellishments already picked out. I ended up spending the entire time working on just one “kit”. That is not to say that i only got one layout done, rather, this particular “kit” contained the makings for a mini-book i have been wanting to do about my DS Zack’s time in the Navy. Technically, it was equivalent to doing several layouts. I kept it simple since it is a “guy” book, but it still took time.

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Now, the question is…do i save the other “kits” for next month or do i work on them between now and then? I’m thinking i’ll have other things i will want to work on by then, especially since LOAD begins on May 1st.

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New Year’s Resolution

Okay, so it’s long past New Year’s, but i am resolving to post something, anything (scrapbook related), a bit more regularly.
I am looking forward to National Scrapbooking Day on May 5th. I’m signed up for the Crop at Big Picture, but today i received an email from scrapbook.com advertising their event for the same day. So, do i try to participate in both? I do have the whole day set aside to scrapbook. I can pick and choose the activities i like best from each. There is no way i will want to do everything offered at any one site.
Last year, i really wanted to participate in NSD but we had so much work to do in preparation for Zack’s graduation that i never got a chance to do even one activity. This year will be different.

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A Special Christmas Gift

I am working on Shimelle Laine’s Journal Your Christmas project this month. I have some catching up to do but i’m not too worried about it. Being December, there are lots of things to do and i’m determined not to stress about the project. One of the things i wanted to get done is a mini-book for my best girl friend Rachel. Kind of a thank-you for being my friend thing. I am happy with how it turned out even if it has a few design flaws. I had forgotten to scan the pages in before i gave it to her, so i had her bring it back over to my house so i could quickly shoot pictures of it. I’m happy to say that she loved it.

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Been Scrapping, Just Not Writing

This has become a rather bad habit.  I think i need to get a bit more organized.  When i do have a few moments, i scrap.  That leaves zero time for blogging about it. Was just listening to Peppermint Grandberg talking about the same thing on The Digi Show. I know it’s not uncommon for life to get so busy that things like scrapbooking get left for last.  And i know that i need to start scheduling in both scrapbooking time and time to blog.

So, I am going to reach back and post some of the stuff i have gotten done scrapbook-wise.  And just maybe, i can get caught up to what i’m doing this month. 

I managed to only get a couple of pages done during the week for Your Story Matters. 

I have saved the prompts and plan on finishing at some point in time.  This just isn’t the month to be doing it.  Too much going on scrap-wise in December, but i will speak to that later. 

My mother- and sister-in-law both participated in YSM. Their albums are done!  Interesting how different people can take the same prompts and come out with completely different layouts.  I always enjoy looking at what others have done.  And i try not to compare my work to someone else’s; it’s not a beauty contest, it’s memory keeping.  If I liked a completed layout before i saw what others had done online, i should like it just as much afterward.

Enough waxing philosophic for today.  It’s time to go get some scrapping done!

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I knew it had been a while, but, Oh man! has that many months passed already?!

Life…has a way of making mush of the best laid plans.

I have been scrapbooking some, though.  Just not posting.  I have spent more time organizing than actual scrapping.  I had a “scrappy do” list for the summer and expected to get a lot more scrapbooking and posting done. I think I might have crossed only one item off that list, maybe two.  But I’m super happy with the shelf and baskets I got for my supplies!  The colors make me happy. 

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My First Scrapbooking Class

I finally got to teach my first scrapbooking class on Thursday night. It was a mini-book class. I only had 3 students, but they seemed to have a good time. One student had never used anything other than stickers as embellishments before and was thrilled to learn how to apply flowers and ribbon. She was very happy with the result. Wish I could have gotten some photographs of the event.

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Two Hour Mini Book

So I was totally inspired by Noell’s Paperclipping Premium video that talks about how to make a mini-book in two hours. I thought it would be the perfect way to document the weekend we went camping in October 2010. It was my DH’s first outing since his heart bypass surgery, so it was a very special weekend. I love Noell’s concept of task batching and I am really happy with the way the mini-book turned out.

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Been working on a number of projects even though I haven’t blogged. This week I took part in Stacy Julian’s class “iScrap”. Got the photo pages done.

I went...


I wonder...

I believe…

I used some bright colors on some of the pages; something I generally have not felt comfortable doing. I like the results.
Still have to get to the journaling pages. Okay, I’m a bit behind the class timeline, but I’m getting it done.

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